RS & GIS Development

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Remote Sensing & Geodatabase Development

Remote sensing and Geodatabase development projects are also integrated as baseline technologies at Spatsol Technologies. Town municipalities and districts administrative projects have been successfully executed using multispectral satellite imageries for the assessment of infrastructure and hydrological features and also for the assessment of socio-economic indicators.

Comprehensive Geodatabase(s) are developed by integrating the geophysical and environmental datasets generated as vector and raster layers. These technologies are implemented in engineering and environmental assessments and applications on Spatsol Technologies projects by our remote sensing and GIS experts using ESRI / ERDAS and open source platforms.

 Extended Geodatabase Scheme

Geotechnical investigation / Topography Spatial Data
Surface and sub-surface geology / stratifications / Modeling
DEM based Topography for the project area
Water Table contours spatial data
Environmental / geomorphology spatial data
 Topographic surveys and terrain mapping

Spatsol Technologies also provides technical support in undertaking site specific topographic surveys and terrain mapping. SES has successfully executed topographic surveys for government organizations including Board of Revenue Sindh, district governments and other such private organizations.

Our team of technical experts uses high end DGPS / GNSS instruments and develop terrain in 3D environment for assessment of site plans / other site construction interventions.

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