Geodatabase Development

GIS platforms are ideally suited for pre and post processing of geospatial datasets plus the availability of spatial functionalities leverage engineering modeling to project real world scenarios on spatial and temporal basis. Such capabilities are only possible due to highly qualified technical staff in Spatsol technologies.

Landuse & Field Survey

The advancement in geospatial data collection in conventional topographic survey and remote sensing technologies has leveraged the cartographic and digital mapping to new high speed solutions.

Environmental Engineering

Spatsol has developed specialized techniques using spatial and temporal satellite image based analysis techniques to conduct environmental and ecological surveys.

Spatsol expertise in remote sensing technologies and automated spatial handling techniques to study the heterogeneity using spatially distributed statistical analysis techniques provides leading edge to Spatsol in master planning consulting services.

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About Us

 Spatsol Technologies specializes in the development of water resources management, geospatial integrated solutions using GIS and MIS technological frameworks. Our major business focus and experience is in water resources management and basin wide studies with surface and ground water models integration and assessments, use of remote sensing technologies / manned aerial photogrammetry and geospatial field and topographic surveys, , computerization of land records, development of strategic master planning / land use assessments, conducted socio-economic surveys and environmental baseline studies.


Water Resource Engineering

(Surface / sub-surface / Hydrological Analysis / River Forecasting Models / Basins Management Plans / Geo-morphology / Inundation Mapping)

Master Planning & Field Surveys

(Plot level Land use and Density Analysis / Sectoral Surveys)

Topographic Survey

(Marine / River / geospatial surveys / RTK / GNSS Systems)

Environmental Engineering

(Ecological / Environmental Impact Assessment / Cumulative Impact Assessment - CIAs)

Transportation Engineering

(Roads / Transport / TransCAD)

Remote Sensing Technologies

(Spatial and Temporal Analysis Models / Classifications / Neural Networks / Statistical Model Analysis)

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