Engineering Solutions

Water Resources Engineering

Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) with surface & sub-surface hydrological modeling including basin management, stream network optimization and water budget assessment with reference to socio-economic & environmental demands

Transportation Engineering

Use of geospatial technologies and integration of transportation geodatasets provides the city / district administrations to access information critical for the development of roads & transportation networks.

Environmental Engineering

Ecological surveys, environmental impact assessments and solid waste management fields are major work experience areas under Environmental Engineering sector.  Use of remote sensing technologies associated with geotechnical and geomorphological data integration, field investigations and field surveys, research on surveillance, monitoring, and control of pollution of air, water, solid waste, and soil.

Our environmental Consulting Group has extensive experience in working with local municipalities both in local  and international markets. Broader areas include

  • Solid Waste Management Plans (Garbage Transfer Stations / Landfill Sites)
  • Recycling and Composting Program Development
  • Collection, Disposal and Recycling Procurement Services
  • Waste Composition and Generation Analysis